Saturday, May 30, 2009

Comeback Part 2

Look Ali did it. Forman did it. Hulk Hogan, MJ, and Apollo did it. So, if all those greats can decide to quit and make comebacks then damn it, so can I.

The blog has been down for about a year. But heres a few things worth noting in that time.

  • Manny is still Manny

  • Brett is still Brett

  • NBA Officials are as bad as ever

  • Megan Fox is still #1

  • Eminem still gets it done

That being said, I slowly start to get back into this in the slow summer months. Hopefully getting into the groove by start of the NFL season. A few things I'm looking forward to and topics I'll likely start blogging about.

  • Stanley Cup (Wings in 6)

  • NBA Finals and Draft

  • Why I hate David Stern

  • Fabor vs Brown