Tuesday, July 24, 2007


About 11:03 am today Davis Stern took the podium for what I call the most anticipated press conference of his career. He started by babbling about the rules referees are given. Plus all the thorough background checks every referee undergoes, financial and criminal. After that, it almost seemed as if he gave a little blame to the Nevada Gaming Board for not alerting him to any red flags during the time of these allegations. Maybe that's just me though.

As I am watching this Live, that cockiness Stern always possesses is no where to be found. I think it was a good idea to swallow his pride during this one.

Now he is making excuses of why Donaghy's former problems with neighbors and gambling went without resolution. Stern said he told Donaghy that they were "Unhappy" with his behavior and conduct. If he continued, he would no longer work for the NBA. This was 2005.

June 20th (after the finals) the NBA received a call from FBI about these fixing allegations. Stern met with them the next day.

Boy does Stern look shook up.

Stern is currently not aware of the number of games or which games were fixed.

July 9th Donaghy resigned.

Stern made it clear his understanding of this was an isolated case, however pending investigation he is not sure. He is only going by what he knows now.

He is sure leaving the possibility open that more referees could be involved.

He also says regardless of cost, every procedure will be in place to make sure this will never happen again. At 11:30 he took questions.

No one was given a heads up?
Stern-That is correct

Are you surprised this slipped through the cracks?
Stern-Yes, although no more than the FBI.

Can you take us through the range of emotions after you got the call?
Stern-This is a subject we discuss. I am aware of the threat in all sports. My reaction was I can't believe it happening to us.

Why do you suck cock?
Stern-Cause I am queer and it is yummy.

This was just the basics of the press conference. It's been going on to an hour now. There is much more of this story to go around for the rest of the summer. Later on today I will have my response of today's news.

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