Sunday, December 9, 2007

Pretty Boy KO's Hatton

Floyd Mayweather Jr. knocked Ricky Hatton the fuck out in the 10th round Saturday night in Vegas. You would have thought it was in England because of all the fans who attended the fight on Hattons behalf. It sounded like a fucking soccer match with all the chants and songs going on during the fight.

Hatton came out early as the aggressor, putting constant pressure on Mayweather. It was effective at 1st making May uncomfortable. Mayweather was limited to one punch at a time followed by a hold/grab for the 1st 3-4 rounds.

All the clean shots were landed by Mayweather and he even cut Hatton above the left eye in the 3rd with no further damage. A point was taken away from Hatton by referee Jose Cortez for hitting Mayweather in the back of the head. It was a bullshit call and it seemed as if Cortez was blind to the holding Mayweather was doing and kept warning Hatton.

Either way in the end rounds Hatton looked a little winded and became less and less aggressive and Mayweather took advantage by landing more combinations. Then in the 10th Hatton was caught with a left hook to the jaw that knocked him silly. After an eight count, Hatton got up only to be knocked back down seconds later with Cortez stopping the fight as well as Hatton's corner throwing in the towel. Mayweather is now 39-0 (29 KOs). Hatton suffered his 1st loss and fell to 43-1 (31 KOs).

Boxing sucks now, but this was a decent fight. Way better than the Mayweather/De La Hoya fight, I can tell you that much.

Tim Tebow WIns Heisman

Tim Tebow won the Heisman Trophy Saturday night in New York, becoming the 1st sophomore in it's history to win the award. With the numbers Tebow put up (Over 3,000 yards passing, 29 tds 6 ints, 22 rush tds) it was kind of a no-brainer. Darren McFadden finished a second.

What this says as what Tebow's potential could be is nothing. Heisman trophy winners are great college players. How their game translates to the NFL is 50/50. TT is a pretty strong dude, but with all that punishment he takes, I would have to think that he will have to adjust his style of play eventually.

Speaking of Heisman winners who's game doesn't pan out in the NFL, it was great to see the guys who have won the past few years who I forgot even existed. I would like to give these guys below the "HEY I REMEMBER YOU" award!!

  • Jason White-QB Oklahoma

  • Eric Crouch-QB Nebraska

  • Chris Weinke-QB Florida St.

  • Danny Wuerffel-QB Florida

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Well the time has finally come to decide who the top 2 teams in college football are.
The voters have spoken and #1 Ohio St. will play #2 LSU in the 2008 BCS Championship game.

Tons of speculation has come to rest as #4 Georgia dropped to #5 and #7 LSU moved up to #2. Weird I know. I am not saying that the best 2 teams are not playing in the final game, cause I really do think these are the best 2 teams, it's just a really flawed system. Every single year a new problem arises with this stupid BCS shit and changes need to be made.

Now, I am far two stoopid to come up with the solution. But I do have a few suggestions that could make things better.

  1. Get rid of preseason rankings. This could have possibly helped undefeated Hawaii.
  2. Make winning your conference mandatory to be eligible to play in the BCS Championship.
  3. Quit being bitches and just go to a playoff!!

Now I know about the money this and money that....but if anyone thinks the same amount of money, if not more, cannot be generated by switching to a playoff system is just crazy. I mean these teams and these fans deserve a clear Champion every year. Instead we are left with controversy...EVERY SINGLE YEAR. That is not what makes it exciting and I hate the people who say so.

Anyway, here is the rest of the BCS bowl games. Some really good match ups in there.

Kansas (11-1) vs Va Tech (11-2) in Miami on Jan. 3

Oklahoma (11-2) vs West Virginia (10-2) in Arizona on Jan. 2

Illinois (9-3) vs USC (10-2) in Cali on Jan. 1

Hawaii (12-0) vs Georgia (10-2) in New Orleans on Jan. 3


Saturday, December 1, 2007


I am officially done with the National Enquirer a.k.a ESPN. These motherfuckers do not know their ass from a hole in the ground. It's real easy to report every scenario of a story, then claim that they were on top of it when a definite answer comes out.

Case in point. Around 11:00 this morning Kirk Herbstreet reported that his "source" confirmed that LSU coach Les Miles was going to Michigan. Maybe an hour later, Espn reported that Les Miles is staying at LSU. Thank You WORLDWIDE LEADER IN SPORTS. What would I do without you?

This happens way to often for ESPN to keep their credibility. Take the early weeks of the NFL season. Chris Mortensen reported that Eli Manning was to miss at least 4 weeks due to a shoulder injury due to a hit he suffered during the end of a game. Thirty fucking minuted later Eli was interviewed saying it was nothing serious and he would play next week. THEN, Mortensen had the balls to go back on t.v. to say he stands behind his report. That his source was correct. Eli has not missed a game yet. Thank you WORLDWIDE LEADER IN SPORTS!!

Back to this Les Miles story. Let me tell you why this played out like it did and how it is going to end. Lsu granted Michigan permission to talk to Miles under only one condition, wait until AFTER the SEC Championship game. Completely understandable. However, Miles' agent can talk to Michigan and basically both sides can come to an agreement on the DL. A basic understanding if you will. Well good ol' ESPN had to interfere and reported this. Now Les Miles then had to go on t.v. and give a news conference (for the second time) that he is an LSU man and he is here to stay. Well NO SHIT!! What was he supposed to say? The deal was supposed to wait you stupid fucks. He has a CHAMPIONSHIP GAME TO PLAY YET ASSHOLES!!

Now what is going to happen is in about 2 weeks, Les Miles is going to accept the job at Michigan. Then ESPN is going to play it out as he is a Nick Saban or a Larry Brown type of coach. Say one thing to make people happy....then do what you want anyway. When this whole time Miles was taking the Michigan job.

It is possible for a coach to handle his business with his current team while letting his alma mater know he will coach there next year. It is not a distraction until ESPN gets involved. THANK YOU WORLDWIDE LEADER IN SPORTS.


4 Arrested in Taylor Killing

Four young men/kids were arrested Friday in connection with the murder of Sean Taylor. Apparently their intent was to rob the place and they did not intend for Taylor to be at home. I find that to be BULLSHIT.

Maybe they said that because oh I don't know, could it be that a little charge called 1st degree pre-meditated murder would have been brought upon them? Rather than maybe a 2nd degree and a burglary charge.

Police say they do believe they have the shooter in custody. That gives me a great idea. IT'S TIME TO PLAY-----LET'S PICK THE KILLER!!!!

Out of the four above, which one do you think pulled the trigger that killed Sean Taylor. Some might think it is a no-brainier by looking at these pics. But let me remind you that all 4 of these kids have had trouble with the law and remember never to judge a book by its cover. Check the comments to see my pic. Leave your answer in the comments.