Saturday, July 7, 2007

John Kitna never learned to count

Its that time of year again when every football fan can say their team is in 1st place. However, some teams' fans, such as the Lions, should know better. As at this time of year we look at it as being tied for last place. While Lions fans have all but given up, its a good thing to know the players have confidence just oozing through out their body. John Kitna recently told reporters that the Lions would win 10 games this season. Then, to throw gas on the fire, on friday he told ESPN that he was going to throw for 50 td passes. "We've been joking around as the passing game, the receivers and tight ends and stuff, and we've been breaking down our little huddles and saying 50". He must of had a helluva year in Madden '07 during the off season. Kitna reminds me of a little kid around 2-3 years old. Ya know when they start counting and doing their ABC's. The kid always starts out strong 1...2....3.....then around 4 is where they like to hike it up a bit. 4...8....10....Well I am convinced John Kitna practices this method. The bad thing is, he has also taught Mike Furry how to count. Furry also predicted 10-12 wins. With the Stud receiver Calvin Johnson lining up with Roy Williams, It is going to be very exciting to watch these guys play. I like the almost cockiness they are possessing. However, training camp has not even started. C'mon fellas, keep it to yourself, let the play on the field do the talking. Trust me your not impressing anyone in Michigan.

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