Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pacman Jones Boggles the Mind...

Adam "Pacman" Jones was pulled over last month at 8:30am somewhere near his Tennessee home. Several citations were issued including wrong plates on his Lamborghini, a registration violation, for having a Georgia licence and having no proof of insurance. This guy must be sick of going to court as the date for these infractions are scheduled for Aug. 10. If I was Pacman, and thank my mama I am not, I would not leave my house with out this check list:

  1. Drivers Licence, insurance, registration

  2. Birth Certificate

  3. Passport

  4. Mother

  5. Bible

My gut tells me when will not hear the end of Pacman until he is associated with the name Rae Carruth. Someone please stop him before that happens.

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