Saturday, December 1, 2007

4 Arrested in Taylor Killing

Four young men/kids were arrested Friday in connection with the murder of Sean Taylor. Apparently their intent was to rob the place and they did not intend for Taylor to be at home. I find that to be BULLSHIT.

Maybe they said that because oh I don't know, could it be that a little charge called 1st degree pre-meditated murder would have been brought upon them? Rather than maybe a 2nd degree and a burglary charge.

Police say they do believe they have the shooter in custody. That gives me a great idea. IT'S TIME TO PLAY-----LET'S PICK THE KILLER!!!!

Out of the four above, which one do you think pulled the trigger that killed Sean Taylor. Some might think it is a no-brainier by looking at these pics. But let me remind you that all 4 of these kids have had trouble with the law and remember never to judge a book by its cover. Check the comments to see my pic. Leave your answer in the comments.


Junior said...

Unfortunately, I do not follow my own advice. I judge books by their cover. I am going to go with the young buck Jason Scott Mitchell. Not only does he look like a killer, he has the triple name all killers have. Stay tuned to find out whodunit.

Anonymous said...

kill all the fuckers!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think its the light skinned guy. Theres something different about him. Just cant figure out what it is.