Sunday, December 2, 2007


Well the time has finally come to decide who the top 2 teams in college football are.
The voters have spoken and #1 Ohio St. will play #2 LSU in the 2008 BCS Championship game.

Tons of speculation has come to rest as #4 Georgia dropped to #5 and #7 LSU moved up to #2. Weird I know. I am not saying that the best 2 teams are not playing in the final game, cause I really do think these are the best 2 teams, it's just a really flawed system. Every single year a new problem arises with this stupid BCS shit and changes need to be made.

Now, I am far two stoopid to come up with the solution. But I do have a few suggestions that could make things better.

  1. Get rid of preseason rankings. This could have possibly helped undefeated Hawaii.
  2. Make winning your conference mandatory to be eligible to play in the BCS Championship.
  3. Quit being bitches and just go to a playoff!!

Now I know about the money this and money that....but if anyone thinks the same amount of money, if not more, cannot be generated by switching to a playoff system is just crazy. I mean these teams and these fans deserve a clear Champion every year. Instead we are left with controversy...EVERY SINGLE YEAR. That is not what makes it exciting and I hate the people who say so.

Anyway, here is the rest of the BCS bowl games. Some really good match ups in there.

Kansas (11-1) vs Va Tech (11-2) in Miami on Jan. 3

Oklahoma (11-2) vs West Virginia (10-2) in Arizona on Jan. 2

Illinois (9-3) vs USC (10-2) in Cali on Jan. 1

Hawaii (12-0) vs Georgia (10-2) in New Orleans on Jan. 3


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