Saturday, June 6, 2009

Kobe is a Very Good Ball Player

I am convinced Kobe was looking forward to facing LeBron in the Finals. Hell, so was most of the world besides myself. (I never wanna see Lebron succeed) I am also convinced once he found out he was playing the Orlando Magic, he started salivating as he could taste victory even more.

You see we all know Kobe was very hungry this year for a ring. As good as Orlando has played, there is no way they are the thorn in Kobe's side as the LeBrons would have been.. Not this Orlando team anyway.

Its not that Orlando isn't good because they are VERY good. Orlando put out the World Champs. Sure no Garnett, but I'll give it to those Celtics, they did not lay down. Orlando didn't just beat the Cavs, they put it to them. They played through the ridiculous whistles, LeBron favoritism, and 20 point deficits.

That's just the thing Kobe will not have to put up with against Orlando. Despite Orlando having Superman, they are not a league favorite. It always helps to be a league favorite when wining a Championship. Ask the '06 Miami Heat, '08 Boston Celtics and well all of Kobe's previous rings.

Besides, Kobe smells it. He truly was a killer in game one. Forget the stats. Forget the score. Watch the game and you will know he is not settling for anything less than a ring. Now I am not the biggest Kobe fan. But the man is on Jordans level. Yes. Kobe Bryant has reached Jordan status in my eyes. Maybe not the way Jordan revolutionized the game. But he has matched his Jumper? Check. Hops? Check. Post Game? Check. Turn around/Fade away? Check. Intensity, Defense, Work Ethic? Check, Check and Check.

Can he match Jordans six NBA Championships? Well time is running short. I know winning 4 ain't too bad. If Phil Jax has it in him to stick it out with Kobe the rest of his career? Check!!

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