Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bill Walsh Passes

Former San Fran 49er coach Bill Walsh passed away Monday morning from a long battle of leukemia. He was 75 years old. Walsh had 3 Super Bowl victories leading the great 49ers of the 80's. He was best known for being the creator of the "West Coast Offense." A efficient passing game with the idea of using that to set up the run. Very effective system if you have the talent to run it.

I have never been a huge fan of the offense. Mainly because Steve Mariucci came to Detroit and slaughtered the WCO theory with a team of misfits. I am also a firm believer that an effective run game to start, opens up the pass, rather than vice versa.

Either way, former players and just about every coach had nothing but praise for Walsh. A good man, great mind. Definitely a sad day in the football world.

This got me thinking. A lot of great minds came through sports during the 80's to revolutionize the way the games are played today. I am talking in all sports. Its up to the guys who are coaching now, who learned from these greats, to keep their ideas fresh with the old school mentality. This is the way great coaches are made. Smarts and balls. Two qualities Bill Walsh possessed.

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