Monday, July 30, 2007

Eddie Curry Gets Antoine Walker Treatment

Two very bizarre, very similar situations happened within two weeks of each other. Not long after Antoine Walker was tied up and robbed in his Chicago home, Eddie Curry had the same thing happened to him and his family, in Chicago, early Saturday morning. Neither player or family members was injured. Devastated though I am sure.

Chicago thugs must not be playin', cause these are serious crimes that take big balls to pull off.

I mean here is the checklist of things you'd have to consider before pulling this off.

  1. Your going into a fancy neighborhood, probably not dressed like a priest.

  2. Rich people always take security precautions, there are bound to be cameras.

  3. Nba players are almost ALWAYS with a posse. How many "Homeboys" are going to be in the house with him?

  4. Nba players are not small dudes. If you slip up, they could easily strong arm you.

  5. Usually these are gated communities. Are you going to be able to have a fast getaway?

If you really thing about it though, in this type of robbery, the risk/reward factor is better than say....if you was to rob a bank. I am not sure was the percentage is on bank robbers getting caught, but I am guessing it is high.

You have to suspect the Walker and Curry incidents are somehow connected. Same city, same target, same methods. Time for these players to set up their homes like movie and rock stars. You don't see this shit happening to Ozzy Ozborne or George Clooney. That's cause you have to have an Army to get past those security systems. Did anyone see MTV cribs and Big Boi's security? He took his precautions and even told the camera, "Don't even try it."

I'm just saying, I know these athletes think the are invincible. They are finding out that in the blink of an eye that they can be helpless. This is definitely a wake up call.

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