Friday, July 20, 2007


Well, well, well....Looks like David Stern's henchmen aren't as squeaky clean as he thought. I have been arguing the fact that NBA referees are the most crooked thing in all of sports the past 10 years. Now it looks like I have have some proof to back that up.

Murray Weiss of the NY Post reported today that the FBI is investigating an unnamed NBA referee who supposedly bet on NBA games including games he worked. Apparently thousands of dollars were bet on games in the '05-06 and '06-'07 seasons. Anyone remember that game 3 final in '06? (note: Dirk's phantom foul on Dwade with 1 sec left) The referees for that game were Dan Crawford, Ken Mauer and Jack Nies. Pretty shady crew anyway. Now, I swear to you they have not released the referee in question. But you all can bow down to me when it is revealed Jack Nies is the one. I will apologize if I am wrong.

The FBI started investigating a group of NY mobsters a year ago when it lead them to the referee. I guess the referee had a gambling problem and fell into a deep debt. And as always, mobsters were there to clean up the mess. Stern and the referee are aware (of course, if I know they know) and the ref is planning on turning himself in next week. The NBA had this to say, "We have been asked by the FBI, with whom we are working closely, not to comment on this matter at this time."

I don't know about you, but I am so fucking giddy about this, teenage school girls at a Nick Carter concert have nothing on me. This is like the best episode of the Sopranos that never happened, only in real life.

After the Joey Crawford incident and this, I am hoping Stern will be so paranoid that every referee is suspect now. This needed to happen to fix a major problem with NBA officiating. I am curious to see if the fixed games will be released to the public. Stayed tuned, I know I will.

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