Monday, July 9, 2007

Home Run Derby: Long and Boring

Michael Wilbon said on PTI today that the HRD was the most exciting all star event of the major sports. With the dunk contest hitting a standstill the past...well 10 years. With nobody even knowing when or what channel the NHL are doing their events, I could see where Wilbon was coming from. However, after watching the derby Monday night, I completely disagree. I lost interest the 1st hour of the 3 HOUR EVENT!! YES 3 HOURS!! Talk about trying to make a event more than what it is. Ah, good ol' Espn. I have a few suggestions for MLB to spice up their all star event.

  • Reduce the number of participants

  • Reduce the number of outs allowed from 10 to 5

  • Call it the Pop-out Derby-that's what it was

  • Quit going to in studio analysis

  • Add a new event. Such as MLB's fastest player. Start at home and run the bases. Fastest clocked time wins. I'd enjoy it.

Lastly, I wanna laugh at everyone who lined up a boat in McCovey's Cove. Including Kenny Mayne who was equipped with a helmet cam. I laugh because in 3 hours, 2 balls were hit in the water. 1 was foul. By the way Vladimir Guerrero won......I Think. Feel free to share your ideas on how to better the MLB All-Star experience.


King Kronik said...

They should make the Derby mandatory. That is Bonds' park and I would have liked to have seen him smack a few dingers. Same with Griffey Jr. At the very least it would have added some intrigue sans the controversy. I'd do the same with the Dunk Contest. If you are an All-Star you are required to participate. Think Kobe, LeBron, and Vince all competing against each other.

Junior said...

Yeah i think that is the ultimate solution to these things. I don't know why the NBA went to where the dunk contest is for up and coming players. Guys to make a name for themselves. I mean Dirk, Nash, Ray Allen all get in the 3 point shoot out.