Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Boston Celtics Think They Are Cool Again

An interesting trade was made in the NBA yesterday. Kevin Garnett was sent to the Celtics to Minnesota for a record amount of players traded for one guy. Gerald Green, Al Jefferson, Sebastian Telfair, Theo Ratliff, Ryan Gomes, two 1st round draft picks and cash. That's a lot of shit for one guy. But both sides needed to make this deal.

Here are the Pros and Cons for Boston.
Pros- Well they finally are relevant again. With the 3 headed monster they now have in the weak east, they believe they have a strong shot at the Finals. Think about it. Garnett demands a double team every time he touches the rock, he just does. Only two big men in the east can guard him one on one. Rasheed Wallace and Ben Wallace. Maybe Dwight Howard. That said, for the first time Garnett will have legit scorers to kick the ball out to. Both Pierce and Allen can are deadly shooters and slashers. These guys will be even more lethal with a big man of Garnett's skills. When they get hot, it will be a scary sight for opponents.

Cons- They got rid of some really good young talent. Al Jefferson is really starting to come into his own. By making these moves to a more veteran team, it really only gives them a 3 year run. It is really hard to make it all happen in this first year. These guys are all going to have to learn to play the game with each other. Each of them has had to be the "MAN" for their teams their entire careers. Also, the bench is NOT going to be deep. Doc Rivers made it clear that the work isn't done to make the team complete. However, what can they possible do to become a deep team? I have a feeling Garnett, Pierce and Allen are going to be exausted by years end. The pressure and expectations to win might be too much for them in the first year.

PREDICTION-Garnett will suffer another 1st round elimination.

As for Minnesota...See Boston's 06-07 season record for prediction.

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