Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Not Much Going On

It has been pretty slow in the sports world the past few days. A few football signings, few basketball notes, couple of suspensions, some soccer guy and the Espy's. Nothing really for us to really care about or me to write about. So here are a few notes....

-A soccer player by the name of Beckham (i think) comes to L.A. to play. No ones cares.

-Jimmy Kimmel was great as host of Espy's. Ends up being the only GREAT thing.

-Former teammates Steven Jackson, Ron Artest both suspended for first 7 games.

-No-legged runner finishes last; Then gets disqualified by no hearted bastards.

-DWade might not be ready for start of season; Still Cries

-Mourning decides to return to Heat for one more year; Team looks shady for '08

-Cuban applies for Cubs. I am pretty confident he would do well

-Wish he would buy the Lions

-Phillies are first team to 10,000 losses. Fans loved attending the game.

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