Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Vick Can't Scramble Outta This One

Not a proud day for the Vick family today as Michael was indicted on felony counts for dog fighting. Federal agents are mad cause he's flagrant. Tapped his cell and the phone in his basement.(RIP Biggie Smalls)

Now, we all knew of these allegations. I assume, however, we didn't know they would actually get enough evidence for a case against the Superstar QB. This spells DOOM for the Atlanta Falcons. With all of this going on, I would be surprised to see Vick playing football at all this year. That leaves backup JOEY HARRINGTON to lead the Falcons this year. If you think those receivers dropped a lot of passes for Vick...well you know the rest.

While I am a big fan of innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, that rule does not apply in the sports world. Athletes who fall under such scrutiny have a very, very hard time clearing their name with the fans. No matter what the outcome may be. Kobe is still recovering. Barry Bonds never will. Mike Tyson never had a chance anyway, so I guess he don't count. But you get the idea.

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